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Benefits and uses of surveillance cameras
Surveillance cameras are certainly of great importance and benefit in all aspects of life, so we decided to talk today about the benefits and uses of surveillance cameras in all places, as we have become in an era in which we badly need to use surveillance cameras everywhere, whether in homes or in schools, hospitals, and Interests and companies even in the public streets, in order to monitor everything that happens and follow up the progress of those places safely and securely, as the advantages of surveillance cameras are indispensable and it is one of the methods of protection and safety against any illegal act, so if we talk about the importance of surveillance cameras for homes, we will mention There are many benefits and valid results that stem from the use of these cameras, including protecting shops of all kinds and monitoring everything that happens, whether inside or outside them, during the absence of the owner or owner of the shop at any time. Therefore, the best surveillance cameras available in the market must be installed in order to ensure high-quality imaging. Also, the use of these cameras in homes can lead to constant anxiety about children inside the house alone, as they can be monitored continuously and all the time through these cameras. She saw from wherever you are, and not only to monitor children, but to monitor the house in general to ward off anxiety about the risk of theft, burglary, etc., and the general importance of surveillance cameras is to monitor any place and what is going on and happening inside it on an ongoing basis, whether this place is a company to monitor employees and workers and check on the progress of work Naturally, or to protect places from theft, such as shops, homes, etc., as they provide security and safety in our society in general.

The importance of using surveillance cameras in the community:
The many benefits resulting from the use of surveillance cameras cannot be counted, but we will mention to you the most important reasons why users buy surveillance cameras and the benefits of purchasing and using them.

• Surveillance cameras are used to reduce theft and combat crimes:
Surveillance cameras are used permanently with the aim of reducing all kinds of thefts and combating crimes in general, through recording and photographing the cameras when they are installed in the specified place and giving clear results, high-quality pictures and videos, as they can easily detect the face of the thief and the perpetrator of the crime. The crime or theft occurred in the first place, as the surveillance cameras can intimidate the thief, so when he sees that the place to be stolen, for example, is full of surveillance cameras, he does not return and does not complete the theft process because he is well aware that the competent authorities will reach him easily through those cameras

Monitoring the workflow process within the departments and companies and protecting workers and employees:
The employer may not be able to follow his workers and employees permanently and continuously, and when the employee sees the surveillance cameras, he works diligently and tries to avoid illegal actions that some employees may take in the interests and companies, as well as protecting the workers and employees from the possibility of any danger and assault on them. Or on their belongings and personal property. Therefore, surveillance cameras must be placed at the entrances and exits of the company or the workplace, as well as in the workers' parking lots.

• Security protection in the streets and detection of outlaws:
Surveillance cameras are used in public streets for the purpose of security protection and detection of outlaws. They are also placed at traffic lights to detect violators and reach them, whether by identifying them or identifying them by reading used and stolen license plate numbers and reaching them with ease and detecting many thefts and burglaries that occur in Those public streets and side too.

Monitoring schools and universities and the normal course of the educational process:
As it is known, surveillance cameras are of paramount importance in monitoring the progress of the educational process, monitoring schools and universities as well, detecting all violations that occur in them, and reaching the perpetrator and holding him accountable. Surveillance cameras, especially in schools, can also help social workers in identifying the behavior of students with each other and monitoring them until a decision is taken. All the correct ways and methods in dealing with students and directing them to the right and proper ways, as well as useful in protecting students from the occurrence of any accidents and rapid intervention to prevent any injuries or risks, as well as monitoring the behavior of teachers and teachers and monitoring whether each teacher does his work to the fullest extent or not.

Monitor stores, large and small companies, and protect them from any attack or theft:
It is certain that many companies store a lot of goods inside them, as well as warehouses, as they are the most vulnerable places to theft and burglary, and therefore there must be multiple means to protect those places from the risk of exposure to any attack, no matter what, and therefore comes the very important role of surveillance cameras, because it is in play Sometimes these cameras frighten the aggressor, so he turns away from his crime because he knows that he will be reached and held accountable, so he leaves without completing the crime, and this is the main goal, which is to reduce the possibility of theft and other crimes occurring in those places, and in the event that the criminal or thief insists on completing the theft, the surveillance cameras help the authorities The competent authorities and the police can easily find the perpetrator through the recordings recorded by the perpetrator's surveillance cameras.

Monitoring homes and residential buildings and protecting them from any attack:
The great benefit of surveillance cameras lies in this use, which is to protect families from any encroachment on them, especially in extreme places or far from urbanization, whether they are residential buildings, residential towers, or even homes, as the presence of cameras in those places is very important and a must. Monitor all entrants and exits to and from residential places, detect if there are strangers or intruders, and identify people


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